Did you know that you could use your skills to have free accommodation all over the world? Whether you are good at babysitting, gardening, photography, pet care, computers, music, sports,... there is always someone somewhere that would love to have some help with exactly that! Sometimes we all just have to make ourselves step out of that comfort zone and do something that will make a lifelong print in our memories. Traveling is one of the most life-changing experience one can ever have, and since you have already tried it before then you probably are like all of us here - hooked!


Travelmonth is the only existing traveler-hosting platform in which all members have already participated in an international cultural exchange. This means that all participating host families in this platform have been au pairs, international exchange students and/or international volunteers themselves in the past, have proven experience hosting international travelers, have some sort of international experience, or are multicultural families themselves. 

For international youth, staying with a host family is a very safe, affordable way to get to travel the world. But remember it’s not a hotel, so in return for the accommodation you are expected to help out with light household duties like setting up the dining table, cooking, washing up the dishes, or taking out the trash, just like if you were in your own home. There is no money or work involved between the participating parts through this platform. However, in countries where the immigration laws allow and depending on your visa limitations, you may volunteer for the hosts in exchange for the accommodation and food, or a financial agreement may be reached to pay for the accommodation, or any other service exchange, including but not limited to environmental projects,  childcare, pet care, house sitting,... Please always check the local immigration laws in the destination country and your visa restrictions before making commitments of participation in this program.

The length of the stay is flexible and it is decided by mutual agreements between the participating parts. You can stay with the host family for as short as one night, or as long as your valid visa allows!

Travelers must be at least 18 years old to be able to participate in this network (there is no maximum age limitation).



1. Sign up

Create a unique username and password.

2. Create your profile

Fill in your profile and add 5 pictures that best describe who you are and what you like to do. Pictures should be preferably square, otherwise they will be automatically cropped. At least one picture must show your face. Your personal information (phone number and home address) won’t be shown in your profile, we just want to keep it in the records for safety purposes. You must also upload the following:

- a valid form of identification (passport, drivers license,...), and

- a proof of participation in a cultural exchange (acceptance letter from an University, confirmation letter from your agency, certificate of completion, DS-2019 form, immigration document, private contract with host family,...).

Those documents will be safely stored for safety purposes, they will never be displayed or shared with anyone.

Please be sure to be as specific as possible regarding WHAT YOU OFFER and WHAT YOU ASK FOR.

3. Wait for your approval email

Once your application is received, it will be reviewed, and your approval/dismissal will be notified with an email. 

4. Look for your next global adventure

You will then be able to contact host families, and your profile will also be searchable by host families as well. They often look for specific skills or experience, so make sure you showcase your strengths. Once you find your perfect match, don't forget to sign a private contract with your host family with as many details as possible, to set the right expectations for both parties (please download our contract template here).


5. Gather your documents and pack your bags!

Don't forget your ID card, passport, private contract and travel insurance. Depending on your nationality and the country where you want to travel, you may also be required to apply for a visa.

To find out more about host countries regulations and visa requirements please visit our partner agency here.

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