Travelmonth is not an agency. We make it possible for hosts and travelers to find and contact each other. It is up to you to create an attractive profile, to contact each other through the provided email address, and to discuss directly with the other party about the specific details of the exchange.

Travelmonth does a thorough screening to all participants, to make sure we all have the same adventure spirit and cultural exchange experience. Nonetheless, we highly recommend that you check each other’s reference sources before making any commitment.

All the details of the exchange should be clearly decided, specified in writing (please download our contract template here), and agreed by both parts before making any travel arrangements, to set realistic expectations. 

Before you travel to another country, please find out the emergency numbers in that country and add them as contacts into your cellphone. In the event of an emergency, please call a local authority to ask for assistance. If you would like to talk to us to ask for support or to report any irregularities, please send us an email at to schedule a phone conversation with us (please consider any time zone differences before calling without appointment).

Friendship is the currency used in this network. Travelmonth is not responsible for any monetary exchange between both parts in exchange for a service.

If there is any money involved in exchange for a service or for accommodation, participants are responsible for reporting the income to the involved countries' administrations. 

Each program participant is responsible to have a valid visa of the country in which they want to participate. Travelmonth is not responsible for the immigration status of participants.

To find out more about host countries regulations and visa requirements please visit our partner agency here.

Each program participant is responsible to have a valid health or traveler’s insurance. Travelmonth does not process any insurance and is not responsible for any health issue that may arise during participation in the program.

After participation in the program, participants may send a private message to the administrator to report any irregularities. Travelmonth reserves the right to remove participants from the platform for cause, in its sole discretion, without a refund.

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