Travelmonth is an international NON-PROFIT, NON-GOVERNMENTAL platform encompassing a safe, global network of hosts and travelers. The purpose of this network is to provide safe, free accommodation for highly-qualified young travelers all over the world. By hosting an international traveler, we all help build world peace, experiential learning, and global understanding by providing opportunities for personal contacts among people of different cultures, backgrounds, and nationalities.


Travelmonth travelers are not just tourists. They have a wide-ranging curiosity and an open-minded approach to other cultures, and a commitment to promoting peace through friendship and shared experience. Not only they share the home with a local family, many of them participate in community service programs, and many provide volunteer hours for their hosts. Travelers going overseas to live in the home of a local family create bonds that expand global education. These human connections and new relationships are vital for breaking down stereotypes and giving a face to an unknown country. As adults later, those same travelers remain friendly to the families and countries that opened their home for them. The peacebuilding work these people learned on exchange programs can make a difference on critical issues that affect their home communities or international conflicts with other countries. 


The impacts of hosting an international traveler go far deeper than just economics. In addition to learning a different language and gaining some survival skills, young people often go back home enamored with their host country and empowered to work in their local communities on vital issues like human rights, safety, politics, poverty, extremism, health, and peace. Experiential learning through exchanges results in a worldwide network of people committed to leadership and citizenship, who crave knowledge about the world and ways to turn that knowledge into meaningful actions for the society.


Both travelers and hosts are agents of change that make the world a bit safer, more prosperous, and more peaceful. Travelmonth is a special way of seeing the world as a place where there are no strangers. Just like a GLOBAL FAMILY.

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