Hosting a foreign traveling student or au pair is one of the best learning experiences you can have - almost as good as actually traveling overseas yourself! An international traveler can teach your family their language, their country's history, culture and traditions, all at your own home. Preparing and sharing an authentic meal from your visitor's homeland can also be a fascinating learning experience. Hosting a young traveler from another country allows you not only to get to know their culture, but also to see your own life from a whole new perspective and appreciate even more what you have.

Travelmonth is the only existing traveler-hosting platform in which all travelers have proven experience in an international cultural exchange. This means that all travelers in this platform are or have successfully been au pairs, international exchange students and/or international volunteers. This means that all travelers have a cultural exchange spirit and references ready to hand-in. Furthermore, most official cultural exchange programs conduct background checks and in-person psychological tests.

The length of the stay is flexible and it is decided by mutual agreements between the participating parts. You can host a traveler for as short as one night, or as long as a year (as long as their visa allows)!

Our host families come in all shapes and sizes. Host families may include single parent household, parents with grown-up children, families with small children or many other varieties. A few examples of host families include (but are not limited to): single adults, working parents, single parents, same-sex couples, couples with children (of any age), couples without children, adoptive parents, empty nesters, military families with a deployed member,... as long as you have an adventure spirit and want to share your culture you can participate!


Hosts should be able to provide safe, friendly accommodation in a home setting. In return, they can expect to receive new friends from all over the world who are interested in participating in the family dynamics while exploring new places. There is no money or work involved between the participating parts through this platform. However, in countries where the immigration laws allow and depending on the traveler's visa limitations, they may volunteer for the hosts in exchange for the accommodation and food, or a financial agreement may be reached to pay for the accommodation, or any service exchange, including, but not limited to, environmental projects, childcare, pet care, house sitting,... Please always check the immigration laws in your country before making commitments of participation in this program.

The length of the stay is flexible and it is decided by mutual agreements between the participating parts. You can host a traveler for as short as one night, or as long as their visa allows. Depending on the length of the stay, hosts must provide a private bedroom for the traveler, a couch, or a sofa-bed in the living-room. If hosting several travelers at the same time, they can share a dorm. Traveler should not be expected to share a bedroom with a family member. Please always make sure to disclose the sleeping arrangements with the traveler before making any commitments.


1. Sign up 

Create a unique username and password

2. Create your profile

Fill in your profile and add 5 pictures of your family, your home and/or your area. Pictures should be preferably square, otherwise they will be automatically cropped. At least one picture must show the whole family. Your personal information (phone number and home address) won’t be shown in your profile, it’s just for safety purposes.

You must also upload a proof or participation in an international cultural exchange: anything that proves that a family member has previously been an au pair or international exchange student, or proof of experience hosting international travelers (proof of participation in a program, proof of payment to an organization, letter of approval, private contract,...).

Those documents will be stored for safety purposes and never displayed or shared with anybody.

Please be sure to be as specific as possible regarding WHAT YOU OFFER and WHAT YOU ASK FOR.

3. Wait for your approval email

Once your application is received, it will be reviewed, and your approval/dismissal will be notified with an email.

4. Look for your next cultural exchange!

You will then be able to contact travelers, and you will also be searchable by travelers as well. They often look for specific places, so make sure you make your profile very attractive! Once you find your perfect match, don't forget to sign a private contract with your guest traveler with as many details as possible, to set the right expectations for both parties (please download our contract template here).