Q: Our family hosted both, au pairs and exchange students in the US a few years ago. Now we live in Costa Rica. Can we host a traveler?

A: Yes, this is the advantage of being part of our global family, travelers can travel the world!


Q: I am a local au pair coordinator and we regularly host transition au pairs at home, can we participate in the network as a host family?

A: Yes, you must prove that you have worked as an au pair coordinator for at least 1 year.

Q: Is there any age limitation for a traveler to participate in this network?

A: Travelers must be at least 18 years old. There is no maximum age restriction to participate.

Q: Can I use this platform to be hosted in any country in the world?

A: Potentially YES! as long as there is a registered host family in the country that you want to visit. Travelmonth is a Global Family!

Q: What's the cost of joining this platform?

A: Travelmonth is completely FREE for both, travelers and host families. But we highly encourage our members to contribute with a donation (no amount is too small!) so that we can keep the platform running. 

Q: I joined Travelmonth for free during the launching promotion, am I going to be charged a Verification fee after the launching promotion ends?

A: No. If you already joined for free, you are already in. Fee changes are never retro-active. 

Q: I was an international exchange student 7 years ago, now I have my own family, can I host a traveling student?

A: Yes! This is the beauty of our program, we belong to the same Global Family so that we can help and support each other.

Q: Why there is no LOGIN button in the website? how are we supposed to login after we sign up?

A: As an extra safety measure to protect our members privacy, we only give you access to our directories after your application is approved.

Q: I was an au pair in the Netherlands two years ago, now I live by myself in Argentina, can I host a traveler or do I need to be a "traditional" family?

A: Absolutely! you can! since you have already participated in a cultural exchange program, you are part of our Global Family! You don't need to have a traditional family (i.e. father-mother-children) to be a host.

Q: Can I use this platform to hire an au pair or demi pair for our family? 

A: Absolutely! but before you make any commitments please make sure that she has the right visa to work in your country. 

Q: Once I submit my application, how long do I have to wait to get an answer?

A: We always answer within 24 hours. Once you're approved, we will give you access to the members-only directories.

Q: Where can I find a contract template to have everything in writing with our next visiting traveler? 

A: Please download our contract template here.

Q: I don't have any international exchange experience yet, but I have been accepted as an Erasmus student in another country starting in September. Can I use this platform to find a host family to live with?

A: Yes, as long as you upload your letter of acceptance from the Erasmus program or from the foreign University.

Q: Can I fill out my profile in another language? 

A: Yes, only English or Spanish for now please.

Q: I am a former au pair and now I live by myself. Can I use this platform to host travelers and also be hosted when I travel? 

A: Absolutely! you will have to fill out two profiles, one as a host family and the other as a traveler. For that, register as one or the other and fill out a profile, and then log in to the other section and fill out another profile. Please let us know if you need any assistance with doing that.

Q: Can I use this platform to get a "tourist nanny"? (au pair just to travel with us during our vacation) 

A: Absolutely! I'm sure many au pairs would love to do that!

Q: Do I need to get a visa to participate in this program? 

A: It varies by destination and depending on where you are from. If you are not planning to work for the host family, a tourist visa may be enough. Please always check with the embassy of your host country to verify.

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