The first step once you think you have found your ideal Traveler or Host on Travelmonth, is to arrange at least one video interview to get to know each other and to make sure everything is as stated in the profiles. 

Once both parties verbally agree on the conditions of the exchange, the next step would be to sign a contract. The Host-Traveler Contract is a legal document that will help you set up the right expectations, to avoid any possible misunderstandings and problems during your exchange. A contract mentions all the important details that should be discussed and agreed between the Traveler and the Host before travel arrangements are made. 

If the traveler needs to apply for a visa to travel to the target host country, he/she will need a signed contract to prove the stay at the host country's Embassy located in the traveler's country of origin. In this case, both parties must sign the contract and provide a copy to the Embassy for the visa application.

Please feel free to download our suggested Host-Traveler Contract template here and modify it according to your specific needs and agreements.    

In the specific case of travelers that are going to do full-time childcare/domestic services in Europe, please click here to download the Model Text of Au Pair Service Contract template approved by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on January 18, 1972.

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