Travelmonth is an international, NON-PROFIT, NON-GOVERNMENTAL CORPORATION, encompassing a worldwide social network of hosts and travelers. It is designed as a shareconomy network for hospitality and cultural exchange. Travelmonth helps build world peace, goodwill and mutual respect by providing opportunities for interexchange among people of different cultures, backgrounds and nationalities.


The purpose of this network is to provide young international travelers with safe, free (or very affordable) accommodations all over the world. In return, travelers can use their skills to provide a pair of helping hands to their host families, while sharing culture, languages, art, music, literature, sports, dance, photography, cooking and any other form of cultural expressions. Additionally, they are expected to help their host families with light household duties like cooking or washing up the dishes, just like if they were a family member. This cultural exchange platform benefits both host families and travelers as a support network and global family. In most cases, travelers remain lifelong friends with the family who hosted them in a strange country so many years ago. Some travelers even return the favor at some point in the future and welcome the host family into their own home. 

One of the advantages of the Travelmonth platform over other traveler-hosting sites is SAFETY: all participants are or have taken part of an international cultural exchange, which in many countries take place through programs that are supervised by the Government of a participating country. This means that most participants have successfully hosted or been hosted (as au pairs, international exchange students and/or international volunteers), can provide references from other program participants, in most cases have undergone thorough criminal background checks and psychological tests, and most importantly - have a cultural exchange spirit.

The length of the stay is FLEXIBLE and it is decided by an agreement between the participating parts - it can go from one night up to the maximum time the traveler's visa allows!

All terms of your agreement should follow local laws. Specifically, always check the local immigration laws and the traveler's visa restrictions before participating in this program. Travelers may offer a volunteer labor for the hosts and/or financial compensation in exchange for the accommodation and food. If a labor is exchanged for the accommodation, it is recommended that your agreement specifies the contents of work (environmental projects, childcare, pet care, house sitting,...) and amount of time per day. Any agreement should always be in writing (please download our contract template here), and should specify if any meal or stipend is included with the accommodation, as well as the sleeping arrangements. There is no money or work involved between the participating parts through this platform.

Conditions of the exchange are decided privately between both, traveler and host depending on their needs. As a general recommendation, we suggest the following arrangements (please always check immigration laws of host country and traveler's visa limitations before making any arrangements):

- traveler can pay for the accommodation and provide no help

- 2 hours/day of volunteering in exchange for bed & breakfast 

- 3 hours/day of volunteering in exchange for bed & breakfast and one meal a day

- 4 hours/day of volunteering in exchange for room and full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

- beyond 20 hours/week of volunteering a stipend should be paid to the traveler if local immigration laws allow. Please always check host country's minimum wage before making any arrangements.

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